Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A ride to Yahiko Village part 2

After passing through Makigoya I soon came out of the low range of hills I had been cycling through and could see Mt Yahiko in looming the distance. It wasn't long before I had entered Iwamuro Spa a village famous for it's many tradition Inns & Hotels offering hot spring baths and luxurious accommodation. As I cycled along the narrow village road I was passed by several people out running in matching track suits only to find the remainder of the group doing some exercises in the front of an Inn which they were staying at, maybe they were a visiting high school sports team on a training camp if so there were very lucky to be staying in such a scenic village. The above photos were taken in the center of Iwamuro Village and the shop above is a traditional Japanese sweet shop which are often found in such villages frequented by tourists.

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