Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A ride to Yahiko Village part 5

This post is devoted to Yahiko shrine which is the main reason that most tourists visit Yahiko village. Throughout the year the shine hosts many festivals and the Yahiko Chrysanthemum Festival is held from November 1 through 24 every year in the precincts of Yahiko Shrine, the supreme shrine of Echigo Province. The event is Japan's largest chrysanthemum exhibition in terms of the numbers of participants and exhibits. Unfortunately the chrysanthemum festival had already ended but as you can see from the photo above the shrine itself is very impressive. Another one of the photos above shows the main torii gate which is the entrance to the shrine and around the side of the shrine is a large car park and a cable car which you can take to the top of the mountain if you're not keen on hiking to the top. As usual in Japan there are several tourists shops over the road from the car park selling oden which is a traditional boiled food on a stick plus countless souvenirs depicting the shrine & Mt Yahiko. Next the the shrine where I parked my bike were hundreds of pieces of white paper tied to a tree as people write on these and tie them to the tree for good luck etc. If you ever get to Niigata a visit to Yahiko shrine is well worth a visit.

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