Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A ride to Yahiko Village part 7

After viewing the historic house & surrounding buildings I headed back into the village to purchase a can of the local Echigo beer ( Echigo brewery was the very 1st boutique brewery to be established in Japan ) while purchasing my beer a man approached my bicycle and took great interest in it and told me he had seen me cycle through the village and followed me to take a closer look at my bike. He turned out to be an avid collector of classic bicycles and had a bicycle with a sturmey archer 4 speed at home. He was most impressed with the Humber as I've tried my best to keep it in original condition and asked many technical questions related to the bike. Before we parted he gave me his name card so I hope we'll be able to go for a ride together some time as he lives in the center of Niigata city not far from me. Also he mentioned that in another village located about 10kms down the road is a rickshaw builder which would be interesting to visit as there aren't many rickshaw builders left in Japan. After our chat I headed back downhill towards the park to have lunch, unfortunately the nice Autumn colours had already vanished but still it was a very beautiful park and after walking through the park with the bike I found a good place to enjoy my lunch & local beer.

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