Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A ride to Yahiko Village part 8

After lunch I decided to head out of the village towards the Yoshida town, the road I took followed beside the branch line from Yoshida to Yahiko station and if I had been paying attention I could have taken a nice photo of the train returning to Yoshida as it passed me while I was entering Yoshida town. Just before Yoshida town I decided to take a left hand turn and head back towards Mt Kakuda unfortunately I ended up riding into a head wind which soon tired me out and I was wishing I had stuck to the base of the mountains as that way I would have avoided the winds. After battling the wind I headed towards Sakata lagoon and then rode back towards the sea side line that lead me back into the city. I was feeling rather tired on approaching the city but once the Shinano river was in sight I got an extra boost of energy and the remainder of the ride through the city past pretty quickly and I arrived home at 3.30pm having done 92kms in total.

Pictured above are the last photos I took which show Mt Yahiko in the background and my final stop on the cycle path in the center of the city


jimjim said...

I just got a 1948 humber sports and have some questions to ask. Do you have an email i can send to?



Don Speden said...

Hi JimJim

I did try to find your photos a while back but could not so please e mail me at premopies@yahoo.com and maybe I can help you out if needed.

Cheers Don