Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A ride to Yahiko Village

As the weather lately has been really nice I decided to make the most of my Tuesday off work and woke up early and made some sandwiches for lunch and headed off in the direction of Yahiko Village at 7am. At that time of the morning the roads are relatively quiet which makes cycling through the center of the city not so bad. From my house to the cycle road along the banks of the Shinano river is only about 6km so it wasn't long before I was out of the city and heading along the coast road through Kobari. At Kakuda hama I made a left turn and headed inland skirting the side of Mt Kakuda at the turn off I saw what I first thought was a cat in the middle of the road but as I got closer in turned out to be a baby Tanuki ( Raccoon dog ) You can check out some info on the Tanuki at Wikipedia . After that I continued through a long range of hills at the base of Mt Kakuda and went through the small village of Makigoya where I took the two photos pictured above. One of the photo's shows a traditional Japanese storehouse called a Kura which can often be seen in rural Japan.

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