Sunday, 25 January 2009

Restoration tips - finding old parts

Well usually when undertaking a restoration you will come across some parts that are worn out, broken etc and if that is the case you will need to find a replacement of the exact same type etc. This is were things can take time as it is not always easy to find replacement parts for an older restoration. But if you have patience & are willing to wait eventually you will be able to come across the part you require. Of course these days you can always search internet auctions such as E-Bay and if you are restoring a British bike you may want to check out as that is where you are most likely to find the type of part you are looking for etc. But one of the bad points with buying from online auctions is that quite often the seller has no knowledge of the product they are selling and it may be advertised incorrectly. Also because its an auction the price will end up a lot higher than the true value of what it is worth, in the end it comes down to how much someone is willing to pay for it. Another good source for old parts are other like minded collectors who might be willing to help you out with the part you require at a reasonable cost or visit the older established bicycle shops in your area as sometimes shops have NOS ( New Old Stock ) parts gathering dust on a shelf out the back which they would be happy selling. Sometimes antique or 2nd hand stores may have old bicycle parts, but be weary of over priced items and if you feel it is too expensive make them an offer as they may be keen to get rid of something that has been sitting in the shop for years. On a final note there are a few online stores who are dealing in hard to find bicycle parts such as http: // where the proprietor Tim Gunn stocks a vast array of hard to find parts to complete your restoration. The steel mudguards for my Humber came from the shop mentioned above as the original ones were damaged.

Happy hunting

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