Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rising sun tours japan

Hi Everybody

I would like to introduce you all to a new touring company based in Niigata city. Rising sun tours Japan is a recently established small touring company owned by Brian Southwick a long term resident of Niigata city who has cycled all over Niigata and its neighboring prefectures. Brian is also an historian and his knowledge on Japanese history and local history is outstanding. I have just added Rising sun tours to my link list as I feel its a worthwhile business to advertise as there are not many small bilingual tour companies in Japan that focus on the real Japan, the out of the way places that so many tourists do not get to see, such as fantastic small villages, historic sites, local food etc. Apart from exploring the less traveled areas of japan, Rising sun tours Japan will also offer short tours to well known historic sites and world heritage areas such as their inaugural tour to Ose national park and the world heritage site of Nikko. Brian is also an avid cyclist and in the near future will be adding cycle tours as well. For further info on Rising sun tours check out the following link http://risingsuntoursjapan.weebly.com/

Pictured above is Brian Southwick owner of Rising sun tours Japan in the local mountains of Niigata and one of the famous temples located Nikko where his inaugural tour will take place.

If you have any questions re his tours please do not hesitate to ask any questions as he will be more than happy to help you out.

Cheers Don

Sunday, 29 March 2009

My other bikes

Well a while back I decided to sell my MTB and I build a single speed out of an old Nishiki frame.It has done me well for the last year or so but it was a little on the small side and I was keeping an eye out for something better at a reasonable price when a friend upgraded his fixie frame he offered his 2008 54cm Fuji Track for a bargain price that was too good to turn down. So yesterday with a few hours spare I rode to my mates bike shop and put all of my parts from the Nishiki onto the Fuji track pictured above. It turned out pretty well and I am running it fixed at the moment which is fun but I have a flip flop hub on the back which allows for me to use a free wheel if needed. The crank set is an old Sugino crank set which was originally anodized black but some hard work with a kitchen pot scrub and some polish I soon removed that and it has a stainless steel 50 T cog which will never wear out and coupled with the 16T rear cog gives me the perfect gear for commuting to and from work. I am not into doing crazy tricks or anything as yet but I am enjoying riding it to work as I used to ride fixed every day for 3 years when I lived in Australia, although that was a pretty big fixie - a 50 inch ordinary, penny farthing that I built myself also pictured above. The penny farthing pictured above is now on loan to the Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club in NZ as where I live in Niigata city it would not be so safe riding a penny farthing as there is too much traffic about.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Old Humber advertising poster

Winter is almost over

Well for those of you who follow my blog will realize that I have not actually been out cycling since last year as here in Niigata over winter its not very pleasant to go cycling unlike my home country of New Zealand where even in winter its possible to get nice sunny days with blue sky for cycling. Although in the last few days the temp has risen and we have had some nice days unfortunately on those days I have been working and stuck inside an office looking out at the sunshine , Murphy s law I guess as often on my day off its pissing down and not suitable for cycling. I have several days off through the week next month and I hope to get out for my first ride of the season then. The Humber is ready for its 1st outing of the year and I hope to do a ride to one of the nearby hot spring towns for lunch so hopefully weather permitting you will see a ride report early next month.

3 speeds is all you need