Sunday, 29 March 2009

My other bikes

Well a while back I decided to sell my MTB and I build a single speed out of an old Nishiki frame.It has done me well for the last year or so but it was a little on the small side and I was keeping an eye out for something better at a reasonable price when a friend upgraded his fixie frame he offered his 2008 54cm Fuji Track for a bargain price that was too good to turn down. So yesterday with a few hours spare I rode to my mates bike shop and put all of my parts from the Nishiki onto the Fuji track pictured above. It turned out pretty well and I am running it fixed at the moment which is fun but I have a flip flop hub on the back which allows for me to use a free wheel if needed. The crank set is an old Sugino crank set which was originally anodized black but some hard work with a kitchen pot scrub and some polish I soon removed that and it has a stainless steel 50 T cog which will never wear out and coupled with the 16T rear cog gives me the perfect gear for commuting to and from work. I am not into doing crazy tricks or anything as yet but I am enjoying riding it to work as I used to ride fixed every day for 3 years when I lived in Australia, although that was a pretty big fixie - a 50 inch ordinary, penny farthing that I built myself also pictured above. The penny farthing pictured above is now on loan to the Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club in NZ as where I live in Niigata city it would not be so safe riding a penny farthing as there is too much traffic about.

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