Monday, 6 April 2009

1st ride of the year / part 1

Well finally I was able to get out for a ride on Monday the 6th of April, I had planned to do the same ride a few weeks ago but due to bad weather I had to cancel my plans. But luckily yesterday was a fantastic day so I set out early from my home in Niigata city with a rough plan of where I wanted to go and with some fine weather I ended up riding further afield. The ride out of Niigata city is not that spectacular as you have to battle with cars going to work etc and a vast number of traffic lights but once out of the city the riding is pretty good. My 1st stop for the day was to take a photo of a unique house that I had seen several times before. They say that a mans home is his castle well in this case that is indeed true as the house pictured above was built to resemble a traditional Japanese castle, it must have cost quite a lot to build and looks quite out of place amongst the other farmhouses nearby. Pictured above is also a map showing the course I took on Monday.


Rat Trap Press said...

I'm glad to see that you're back on the road again.

Don Speden said...

Thanks Rat Trap Press and yes its good to be back on the bike again after the long winter. My job is quite busy but I hope to get out cycling as much as I can