Monday, 6 April 2009

1st ride of the year / part 2

After crossing the mighty Agano river I headed straight for the town of Toyosaka where Fukushima Gata lagoon is located. Fukushima Gata lagoon is a protected wetland area on the outskirts of Tokosaka city and is home to over 220 different species of birds and because of that it is a popular spot for photographers and of course bird watchers. On arriving at Fukushima Gata it was nice to see the wildflowers in full bloom and there were a number of families enjoying the fine weather. The lagoon has also been chosen as part of the 100 top places to visit in Japan. And while cycling around the side of the lagoon I took a photo of an old lady harvesting water reeds which are used in traditional handcrafts. If you ever find yourself in Niigata its well worth a visit and if you are a keen birdwatcher you would love it as its a very interesting area. Above are some of the photos I took while at the lagoon.

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