Monday, 6 April 2009

1st ride of the year / part 3

After stopping off at Fukushima Gata I then headed towards the mountains to the hot spring town of Tsukioka as I had heard from some students that the village had built an Ashi Yu - foot bath . Recently around Niigata several villages have built free foot baths as a way of attracting more tourists to their villages etc, most of the places that have built these are already well known for their hot springs but for a cyclist or a hiker there is nothing better than relaxing your tired legs in a soothing hot bath. Upon arriving in Tsukioka I cycled through the main street and stopped to take a photo of a rickshaw that was on display in front of an Onsen hotel and then after a short time I discovered the Ashi - yu located off a small side street. Not long after I arrived several families also stopped by so by the number of people that were there on a Monday morning it looks like it has proven very popular. As it was still rather early in the day I decided to press on and I then took route 290 along the base of the Mt Gozu range towards Murusugi onsen where I then turned right and headed down hill towards Suibara. Not far along this road is a fresh water spring and I stopped there to refill my water bottle before pressing on for my next destination the Swan lake brewery.

Pictured above are the photos that were taken in Tsukioka

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