Monday, 6 April 2009

1st ride of the year / part 4

It did not take me very long to reach the Swan lake brewery, I must confess its very difficult for me to bypass the brewery when cycling in this area and there is nothing better than a glass of traditional English style porter whilst out cycling. And to answer the question that is probably on your mind / What the heck does a Japanese brewery in Niigata know about making porter ? Well for one thing they have won a vast number of medals at the world beer cup & national beer competitions for their porter plus several of their other beers have won medals as well. If you are in Japan you can try their beers either at the brewery in Niigata or in Tokyo as they have a restaurant in Ginza or you can also find their beers on tap at Club Popeye a well known beer bar in Tokyo that has 40 beers on tap. At the brewery they have several dinning options ranging from the main restaurant located in the brewery where you can view the vast number of medals they have won over the years to the restored Japanese warehouse - Kura to the fine dinning of Ikarashi Tei a large ornate Japanese traditional house. My favorite place is Kura and after taking some photos of the cherry blossom and surrounding garden I ventured inside Kura to have a glass of porter. After a long ride the porter tasted fantastic and I quite easily could have drunk several more but as I was only halfway home I felt the need to press on for my final stop - lunch at Hyoko lake in the neighboring town of Suibara.

Pictured above are several photos I took at the Swan lake brewery and some info on the beers they produce.

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