Monday, 6 April 2009

1st ride of the year / part 5

Well after a relaxing time at the brewery it was only a short ride down the road to the town of Suibara where Hyoko lake is situated. Hyoko lake is home to a vast number of migratory birds namely geese from Russia who make the small lake their home for several months each year and surrounding the lake are walking tracks and a small park which is popular for picnics so I thought it was as good a place as any to stop and consume my packed lunch. It was rather pleasant sitting by the lake in the sunshine having lunch and after that I pressed on towards the bridge over the Agano river that I had cycled over earlier that day and from there I took the same roads leading back into the city. By the time I had arrived home it was 2pm and I had cycled 69.6km according to my Lucas cyclometer. It was fantastic to get out of the city for a ride and I hope to get out again as soon, now that the weather is nice.

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