Monday, 13 April 2009

Pottering about the City

Well finally I was able to meet up with Satoshi for a ride last Sunday afternoon, for readers who follow this blog he is the chap I met while out cycling who loves classic bicycles and he is the kind fellow who gave me the NOS Lucas cyclometer that now records my travels. Upon arriving at Satoshis house he had been cleaning his classic Shark Island touring bike and having a few beers and offered me a beer which unfortunately I had to refuse as I had to go driving later in the day. After leaving his house we rode alongside the Shinano river which was packed with people enjoying the cherry blossoms as they were in full bloom. Our first stop was my mates bicycle shop as he was keen to check out the Humber as he had never seen it before. After leaving the bike shop we rode & pushed our bicycles through Hakusan park which was packed with people enjoying the cheery blossom. Hanami season is very short but most people attend at least one drinking & eating session under the trees and even though the trees look fantastic - drinking is the main event. The pictures above show Satoshi & I at the park plus a photo of his classic touring bike.

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J. Daniel said...

Sir: I'm enjoying reading your blog. We seem to have many things in common: I used to teach English (at a U.S. community college), I have a beard and wear newsboy caps, my bicycles are a fixed gear Peugeot and a five-speed Raleigh, I smoke a pipe and drink Scotch, etc.

I don't have a car, but I do also ride a BMW motorcycle. In the past month I've ridden the motorcycle about 20 miles, and the bicycles about 150.

Anyway. Thank you for your blog. I wish you good riding. You can see my photo blog at, to get more of an idea who I am, should you care to.


J. Daniel