Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Japanese camp site

Over the annual Golden week holiday I went to Fukushima to climb Mt Bandai and after climbing the mountain my Japanese friend Sho took me to Ura Bandai, a popular outdoor destination in summer and winter where his family were staying at a public campsite. After taking a tour of the camp site I can easily see why Sho & his family love coming here as it was a fantastic campsite and well designed. The main reception building was built in a log house style but was very spacious with a large reception area and drying rooms, toilets, shower rooms etc. Out the back of the main building was a sprawling campsite ( 50,000 square mtrs ) with BBQ areas and toilet blocks and the best thing about the camping area is that you are not allowed to drive your car to the campsite. How do you get your camping equipment from your car to your campsite ? - Next to the large car park there are a fleet of hand carts in which you can load your camping equipment and then follow the many walking, cycling trails that lead through the campsite. Apart from the large tent site there is also what the Japanese call an Auto park which means there are some large tents erected on raised wooden platforms with car parking available for those who do not want to bring their own tent etc. The fee for camping was very reasonable $10.00 per person per night. After checking out the campsite and picking up a brochure from the reception I was already thinking how fantastic it would be to stay here overnight with the Humber. There is a train station not far away which would be the perfect starting point for exploring the area. Pictured above are some photos I took at the campsite & nearby Lake Sohara.

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