Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Celebratory ride part 2

After a short stop at Hyoko lake we then pressed on towards our destination of Deyu spa. Upon enter the village we made our first stop at Seikokan and not knowing who to ask for I asked the first person I met if there was someone around who spoke English, soon an older lady was calling out for Noriko who was busy doing her morning housekeeping duties and shortly afterward appeared and introduced herself as Noriko Seino the owners daughter. It was very interesting to met the owners of this fantastic family run traditional inn and on display were some great old photos of the inn and the neighboring onsen. Seikokan has been operating for 300 years and the local village has a history dating back 1200 years ago. Seikokan was rebuilt about 100 years ago, but its in a very traditional style which is very rare these days. As to the reason for Noriko's English ability she spent four years studying in the UK and spent some of that time living in the city of Coventry which if you know your bicycle history was the center for the booming bicycle trade in Victorian times and home to the English inventor James Starley , " Father of the Bicycle Industry ".

Pictured alongside myself is Noriko Seino and her Grandmother, you can check their website at and in the future Noriko is planning on launching an English version of their website as well


Seikokan said...

Hi Don san,
Thank you very much for visiting us yesterday! It was a lovely surprise. You've already updated your blog, haven't you? Amazing! I've just shown it to my family. They looked very excited to read it. I've got to tell my boyfriend and my friends as well.
You had a nice time at the Swan Lake Beer, didn't you? I wish I could have joined you guys, even I can't drink alcohol that much.
You know we're always here, so please feel free to pop in when you visit our area. Nice to meet you. Please give my regards to Brian as well. Thank you.

Don Speden said...

Hi Noriko

Thanks for the comment and Brian & I were very pleased to meet you and your family. As you read we had a great day out and I understand how running a inn must be as when my wife Chieko & I ran the backpackers in NZ it was difficult for us to take a break as well. When I'm in the area next I'll drop by.

Cheers Don

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