Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Celebratory ride part 3

After our pleasant chat at the inn we headed across the road to take a bath at the local public onsen. Outside was a vending machine where we bought our entry tickets to the onsen for a mere 150 yen. Upon entering you give your ticket to the elderly lady and proceeded inside to the changing where there are lockers in which to store your clothes after that you enter the main bathroom and wash yourself thoroughly before getting into the bath. While we were there, there were up to 13 people in the small bathroom and I have found a photo online which shows what the bath looks like. There is nothing better than relaxing in the nude in an onsen as afterward you feel so refreshed.
According to local legend a Buddhist priest known as Kobodaishi, who established Shingonshu visited Deyu. When he tapped the ground with his stick
in the year 809, hot water started to spring out and has continued flowing to this day.

The photos above show Brian & I after the bath and the photo I obtained from the net showing the size of the bath

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