Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Celebratory ride part 4

After the onsen it was a quick downhill run to one of our favorite places in the countryside of Suibura, Swan lake brewery home to award winning ales, porters lagers etc. After checking out the main building and viewing the vast range of medals they have won over the years and noticing that there was queue for the main restaurant we headed across to their restored Kura ( Japanese store house ) and quickly occupied two leather seats on the patio. It was certainly not a difficult decision to place an order and soon sitting in front of us was a 1ltr pitcher of porter and two glasses. Before we knew it we had been sitting there for 3 hours and had consumed between the two of us 4 ltrs of porter ( Thanks Brian ). It was one of the most pleasant days out on the bike I had had in ages and over drinks we smoked our tobacco pipes and talked about all manner of things and toasted my new found freedom. The brewery was doing a roaring trade and apart from the main restaurant being full, there was also a large group enjoying a party inside the kura and a constant steam of customers coming and going while we were there.

The other building located at Swan lake brewery is a fantastic traditional 2 storied house called Ikarashi tei which is mainly used for wedding receptions and while we were drinking we heard a lot of noise and on further investigation I discovered a full wedding party doing a traditional folk dance in the garden and tried to take a photo of it but just missed it.

Pictured above are several photos taken at the Kura at swan lake brewery

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