Friday, 19 June 2009

The first bike I ever restored

Pictured above is an add for the first bicycle I ever restored back in 1989, The bike was purchased at a swap meet for NZ $20 dollars off a local chap that was cleaning out his garage and was glad to get rid of it as he wasn't using it anymore. As my father still had his Humber catalog from when he bought his Humber sports I was able to identify the bike in question which turned out to be a 1947 28 inch Humber Royal Tourist. After stripping all the paint off it as it had been repainted at one stage I then re sprayed it in its original color of Royal blue with gold pin striping.

One of the most surprising things to happen while restoring the bike was the following - While working one day in the department store where I was employed at the time a local chap who lived up in the hills at Peel Forest came into my department with a large brown paper bag and asked me if I was interested in its contents upon opening the bag I discovered to my delight a pair of 1950s boxed NOS Sturmey Archer hubs, an ABC rear 3 speed rear hub with a drum brake and a front hub with a drum brake. After quickly going to the bank across the street I was the proud owner of the hubs which would look fantastic built up on some NOS stock rims.

Most of the parts were NOS that were put on the Humber and I purchased a new Brooks B73 saddle to finish the restoration. Not long after finishing the restoration I was given a British leatherette saddle bag which came in very handy on long rides. I remember once out sprinting my flatmate Tony on his state of the art GT Zaskar 24 speed MTB on a ride in the countryside. Looking back now I wish I had never sold it and at present the photos I have of it are back in NZ but the add above will give you an idea of the first bicycle I ever restored.

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