Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A trip to Murusugi onsen - part 2

I had read recently on the internet a short story about the oldest onsen area in Niigata which is called Deyu onsen , it has been an onsen village for over 300 years & Saikokan one of the larger Inns in the village was established in 1928. As you can see from the photos above Saikokan is a fantastic example of traditional Japanese architecture which is rarely seen these days and I think it is fantastic that such an old inn is still operating as this is the type of place which makes Japan so unique.

Listed below is the Saikokan inn website, of course it is all in Japanese but it will give you an idea of what it looks like inside etc


The photos above show the village of Deyu onsen and Saikokan


Seikokan said...

Thank you for visiting Deyu onsen.
I'm from Seikokan.
Please drop in for a tea next time you visit here. I speak English, so noworries about a language problem!

Don Speden said...

Hi Seikokan

Thanks for your comment and I also found your Seikokan English blog the other day, so next time I visit I will take up your offer of some tea and a chat. I love cycling around that area as it's nice to escape from Niigata city when I have the time.

All the best