Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A trip to Murusugi onsen - part 3

After looking around Deyu onsen we then headed along the road to our destination of Murusugi onsen, a tranquil small village tucked of a busy Mt mountain road consisting of onsens hotels, a specialist Tofu shop and a few small restaurants & one barber shop. In recent years the local village has also installed a free Ashi Yu ( Hot foot bath ) which is proving very popular.

I found the information above which relates the history of Murusugi onsen and from the photos you can see a small temple at the top of the stone steps and to the right behind the large wooden fence is an unmanned outdoor hot spring with a vending machine at the entrance where you purchase tickets that cost 300 yen and a towel if you do not have one already for 100 yen. The outdoor onsen was fantastic and shaded by the large trees overhead which made it very relaxing. I tried to take a photo of the onsen from inside the changing room, but I had to be careful not to photograph the naked old men who were taking a bath at the time.

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