Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A trip to Murusugi onsen - part 5

One of the other attractions in Murusugi onsen is a specialist Tofu shop called Oboro Tofu run by the Kawakami family, a popular stopping point for many of the visitors to this small village and many of the local hotels serve this fantastic tofu as well ,which is made using natural spring water. Upon entering the shop we were presented with a small bowl containing some free samples of their product, it was fantastic and now I can easily see why so many people purchase it. Unfortunately as I was cycling I was unable to purchase any Tofu as the 2.5 hour ride back to the city would not have been very good for a nice cool pack of fresh tofu. Also it is well known the the owner Mr Kawakami is a motorcycle fan and sitting outside was his massive 1500cc Honda Goldwing.

Pictured above are some photos of the Tofu they make and the owners motorcycle

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