Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A trip to Murusugi onsen - part 6

After sampling the delights of the Tofu shop Kawauchi san and I parted company because unlike me he did not bring any lunch with him and wanted to head off to a local restaurant so I took a new road that I had not explored before and headed back towards Niigata city. The new road I took was very nice with no cars at all which then opened out onto the plains of Niigata which is now a magnificent green owing to the fact the rice is now growing. I arrived home around 2.30pm and in total I did about 60km which was a nice ride and I was lucky to have such fine weather.

The photos above show the Humber on the road home and a view across the rice fields looking towards the Mt Gozu range.


Rat Trap Press said...

Hey Don, it's good to see some new photos and a ride report from you. I enjoyed reading about your latest adventure.

By the way, I may be able to start printing your design around the middle of the month.


Don Speden said...

Hi Miles

Thanks for the comments and I had a great ride that day as the weather was perfect. I am looking forward to seeing the design printed up and once it is done I will do a posting about your business and add your shop site to my blog.

Cheers Don