Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A trip to Murusugi onsen

Well yesterday I had a day off and as luck would have it, it was fine day. Often it seems to rain on my day off but yesterday was fantastic with a high of 28deg so I set out at 8.30am for a trip to Murusugi onsen ( a small onsen village located on the foothills of the Mt Gozu range ). On making my way out of the city I came upon another cyclist riding a fancy carbon fiber LOOK frame with a full campy setup but as he was only riding slowing I soon overtook him only to discover it was Kawauchi san , a rider that I had met several years earlier on a local bicycle ride, so we decided to ride to Murusugi onsen together. After stopping along the way at Hyoko lake for rest we then pressed on towards the foothills making a stop at a natural spring to replenish our water bottles before heading uphill towards another small Mt village called Deyu Onsen.

The photos above show Hyoko lake, the road to Deyu onsen and the fresh water spring

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