Saturday, 11 July 2009

A morning's ride - part 2

After heading further along the river I then had to cross another river leading towards Gosen and from there I just headed towards the foothills, I didn't really know where the fresh water spring was located but after heading slightly uphill I found myself in a very small village and as I was rounding a corner a old lady appeared in the middle of the road so I asked her for directions to Yoshi Shimizu. Soon after that I headed downhill and found the turnoff and then had to head back uphill again into a small village where everyone was hard at work harvesting vegetables, mainly potatoes and a little further on I saw a large group of cars parked on both sides of the road, I had found Yoshi Shimizu at last. Next to the fresh water spring was a covered shelter where I sat down for a bite to eat and watched as locals carried large 20 ltr water containers from their cars, trucks etc across the road to the spring. After eating I took a short walk along a forest path which lead out into the open to some kind of center where there was a sign for a cafe , but it appeared to be closed. Also around that time it started raining lightly so I decided not to hang around for long and lined up to fill my water bottle with some fantastic fresh spring water. While standing in line one lady informed me that there was a small outlet at the back of the spring for filling up small bottles of water. The water was very good and once I had sampled some and refilled my water bottle it was a quick downhill spin back towards Gosen.

Pictured above are some photos of Yoshi Shimizu and you can see how serious these people are by the amount of water bottles on the back of the truck.

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