Saturday, 11 July 2009

A morning's ride - search for Yoshi Shimizu

Well as it was overcast this morning and it was forcasted to rain in the afternoon I decided to head inland towards the small city of Gosen where located in the foothills is a fresh water spring called Yoshi shimizu, I had heard about this place from a couple of my students and it sounded interesting. So at 7.30am I took off from from my house in Niigata City with my regular cycling partner Brian Southwick who was keen to cycle part of the way as he had to work in the afternoon. After heading out of the City we then rode paralell to the Agano river riding through several small villages and further along Brian turned back for the city and I carried on along side the river. While riding along the rather busy road I noticed a small side river where many local fisherman had set up chairs and fishing nets etc. I'm not really sure what type of fish you would catch here but going by the number of people fishing there must something worth catching.

Pictured above is a typical small Niigata village where we stopped for a photo ( Thanks Brian ) and the fishermen I saw in the side river

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