Friday, 10 July 2009

Nothing to do with 3 speeds at all

As I have just bought a Cannon MP480 scanner, printer & photocopier I've been trying out the fuctions that it has and I found a couple of older photos, one of them was taken back in the early 1990s on a MTB weekend up the side of lake Tekapo with Zane ( insane ) Smith, Tony ( Tomes ) King , Dereck Holmes & myself. Lake Tekapo is in the middle of the south Island and not that far from my home town Geraldine. We had a great trip and even managed to cycle along the beach of a Galicer feed lake with icebergs.

The other photo was scanned from a local history book on Niigata City and from what I can make out it's a track race in Hakusan park circa 1915 , check out the angles on those crazy fixies.

Cheers Don

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