Thursday, 17 September 2009

By the sea - part 2

After stopping at the lookout I continued along the road which was rather quiet and posted along the road were many signs not only in Japanese but English, Russian & a few other languages warning people not to dump rubbish along the sea side. Because you have to pay to get rid of larger items in Japan some people just dump unwanted items like fridges, TVs , bicycles, tables etc at the side of the road. But it appeared the warning signs were working as I didn't see any rubbish at all. Not far down the road I can to the campground pictured above. It's operated by the city and was very clean & tidy with covered cooking areas and plenty of trees and  tent sites with some large tents erected on raised wooden platforms suitable for school groups etc. Although the camping season appeared to be over as there was a barrier across the entrance I cycled in for a look around. 

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