Thursday, 17 September 2009

By the sea

Well as it was fine today and I was finished work by lunch time I decided to go for a short ride along the coast and I was interested in a camping ground I seen marked on my map. At first I rode out across the Agano river and on the bridge were many old retired guys fishing, there were quite a lot of them so I guess it's a good spot to catch fish swimming up river from the sea. After that I stopped off at a 7/11 to buy a can of beer to have later on and proceeded towards the sea. The 1st area I came to was a large port with a few small fishing boats and quite a few people fishing from the wharf, it was nice and sunny and seemed to be a popular spot. It also seemed to be a popular spot for " Boy racers " as there were many burnout marks all over the concrete.  Up above the wharf area was another road and there was a lookout built in the style of an old lighthouse. 


Jeff said...

Good to see you and your mighty steed back in action, Don!

Don Speden said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the comment and even though my life is rather busy here I try to get out on the bike as often as I can.