Sunday, 20 September 2009

The hills of Sekikawa part 2

After quickly coming upon route 113 much to my surprise as I thought it was further ahead I pottered about the village and found the above new train station. I've seen many older small wooden stations in rural areas but this is the smallest modern one I have ever seen, It was tiny and by looking at the train schedule, trains don't often pass by this village very often. After checking out the station I headed onto route 113 which was not so pleasant as it was the beginning of a new 5 day public holiday called " Silver week " and the road was rather busy so I soon found another quiet road up on the river bank and followed it till I came to the village of Sekikawa. Along side the river was a large park with playing field's and there were several games of baseball underway, plus a few people camping & fishing.

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