Sunday, 20 September 2009

The hills of Sekikawa part 4

After taking the photos in the last post of " Watanabe house " I decided I still had plenty of time to pay my old students a visit at their house located further along the busy route 113 over looking the Arakawa river. As I was cycling through Sekikawa I thought it was rather quiet as I had hardly seen anybody at all, but rounding a corner in the village and seeing a vast number of parked cars I knew there had to be some kind of local festival going on, I was right as it was the kindergarten school sports festival and everybody in town had shown up to lend support to the youngsters. After looking at the sports festival for a little while I pressed on and joined back up with the busy route 113 to visit my former students. Luckily for me they were home and very much surprised to see their former teacher from 7 years ago. I chatted for a while and consumed my packed lunch and then parted ways vowing to return again in the near future. The top photo in this post shows the countryside along side route 290 back towards Tainai

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