Sunday, 20 September 2009

The hills of Sekikawa part 5

After lunch I headed back up route 113 and turned off onto route 290 towards Tainai where I had started from earlier that morning. The weather was fantastic and many local farmers were harvesting their rice fields and on my way back which took me some of the way along the road I had ridden earlier that morning I saw the spot where I should have turned off to visit the camp ground & dam, never mind as that gives me something new to visit when I'm in the area next time.  The gradient returning was very nice with only a few small climbs and rather free of traffic as the only noise I could hear was the constant tick, tick , tick of my Lucas cyclometer recording my trip distance. Upon arriving back in Tainai village I checked out the paragliding club based at the local ski field to see if one of my former students was there but after watching all the members land and not seeing him I returned back to the van and stop by the Tainai brewery to purchase some of their beer to have with dinner. They make a standard German style range of beers which are rather good and I choose the Bock which I must say tasted very nice, I should have bought more. 

Next Sunday I have a long ride planned in Fukushima with my cycling mate Brian so if the weather holds there will be another report next week. 

Happy Cycling



Jeff said...

I very much enjoyed this series, Don. Thanks for posting.Beautiful country. Is that building in the second picture from the top the brewery? It certainly looks German styled.

I wish that small mini-vans like yours were available here in the States. With only a 650cc engine, it must be quite fuel efficient.

Don Speden said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the comments and yes the building in the 2nd picture from the top is the Tainai brewery building that's built in a German style. And with the many narrow streets here in Japan a mini van is perfect for getting around in and of course fuel efficient as well.