Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Hills of Sekikawa

As the weather has been fine recently , I've been making the most of my free time by getting in some rides before the weather will get colder etc. So Today I put my Humber into the back of my Kei Van ( 650cc Japanese mini van ) and headed to the resort town of Tainai which is about 1 hours drive away. From there I wanted to explore the hills of Sekikawa as when I lived closer to Tainai many years ago I didn't venture beyond the town itself. My plan was to ride along route 494 which starts from the 2nd bridge up the river and I made the mistake of crossing the 1st bridge which took me away from the route I wanted but luckily there was a adjoining rd further down which I took. The hill climb was rather steep but short and if I didn't have a large pass storming cog 22 T on my Sturmey ABC hub I would have been forced to walk. After skirting the road around the golf course I was soon flying downhill much to my delight. After consulting my touring map several times trying to find route 272 I finally located it and it turned out to be a brand new rd by passing the older road which was down below. Because of this I missed the turn off up the valley to a camp ground and dam that I wanted to see. I think now I know where the rd is as on the way back spied a small village down below the new road which I'm sure leads to the dam. Pictured above is a map of my ride plus some photos I took showing my van, Tainai park hotel and a view from the hill top

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