Sunday, 13 September 2009

The humid weather is over

Hi Everybody

First I'd like to apologize for not posting recently but as I'm now self employed my life has become rather busy these days. But do not fear as I have some up coming rides planned, the main reason that I haven't done a lot of cycling recently was the hot & humid weather in August. Coming from New Zealand I'm not a fan of humid weather at all and find it rather unpleasant for cycling, the hot weather doesn't really bother me at all but if you've ever cycled in August in Japan you will know what I mean. I guess I could have worn lighter weight clothing and left my wool knee socks at home but that just wouldn't have been proper.

Anyhow if the weather doesn't muck up my plans I hope to do a ride into the local mountains next Sunday the 20th and I have a large ride planned for the last Sunday in this month on the 27th. The ride I'm planning to do on the 27th involves putting my Humber in the back of my van and escaping the city to the riverside village of Tsugawa where I'll follow route 459 through the mountains alongside the mighty Agano river to the famous ramen town of Kitakata located in Fukushima prefecture. In total it will be about a 110km round trip from Tsugawa. I've been thinking about doing this ride for quite some time as the local steam train follows this road and I've often thought it would make a great ride.

Happy cycling

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