Monday, 28 September 2009

Tsugawa to Kitakata - part 3

Just before we entered the town of Kitakata we made a wrong turn onto route 16 , which actually turned out to be a better road to take as if we had continued along route 459 we would have encountered more hills and it would have taken us longer. Maybe because were were tired we missed a turn off to view a famous open air shrine that's listed as a national historic site but on entering town around lunch time and consulting our map over lunch we were not too keen to retrace our route back over the hill. Kitakata is renowned for it's historic stone store houses and it's ramen , a popular noodle dish which attracts ramen fans from all over Japan. Some people wait for over an hour just to get a seat at a famous establishment serving ramen and as it was Sunday there were quite a few people around. Having been to Kitakata several times before I soon located a small shop that I had eaten in previously and we both ordered some fantastic ramen and talked about our return route. In fact it was further than I had thought to Kitakata and upon arriving in town we had clocked up 72km and I was feeling rather tired after the steep hills I had walked up throughout the morning. So we decided to take a ride downtown to the local train station to check the timetable as in Japan bicycles travel free on all trains. As luck would have it there was a train passing through at 2.50pm that we could catch back to Tsugawa where I had left my van.

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