Monday, 28 September 2009

Tsugawa to Kitakata - part 4

After checking when our train would depart and the cost of the fare we had almost two hours to potter around Kitakata and as it's a very historic town there was plenty to look at in the way of nice trad buildings etc. Our first port of call was the supermarket were Brian purchased some cans of beer and because I had to drive later in the day I had a sports drink instead, it was torture watching Brian consume some beer but I knew a beer would taste great when I finally got back to Niigata. We checked out some fantastic old Sake brewery buildings and one located nearby the supermarket proclaimed that the fresh water fountain outside had amazing strength restoring properties so as I was feeling rather tired I consumed some, it tasted pretty good but I couldn't feel any new found surge of power rushing through my veins - never mind.

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