Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mountains of Sanpoku 3

Right where I took the photo of my bike in the last posting , Brian spotted some large trout swimming upstream then a salmon which are very famous in the Sanpoku & Murukami area either fresh or salt cured. A long time ago people didn't have any form of refrigeration so the fish they caught were coated with sea salt then hung up to dry so they could eat the fish over the winter. Next to our surprise Brian spotted a salmon hooked to a line that was attached to a bamboo pole tied to the bank of the river. This form of fishing would be illegal in my home country of NZ but in this valley it seemed the most popular way of obtaining a salmon. After cycling a short distance down the road we came upon a couple of cars and a couple of fisherman who were busy storing their mornings catch in polystyrene boxes by the side of the road. They had built a small lean to shelter and a couple of small dams in the river and had at least 6 fixed bamboo poles in the river. I asked the fisherman how long he had been fishing and to my surprise he had only been there a couple of hours starting at 8am and already he had caught 15 large salmon, he offered me a fantastic large salmon but unfortunately I had to refuse as there was no way it would have fit inside my saddlebag. Along the same road we spotted more fisherman sitting inside their covered fishing shacks with many fixed poles in the river.

Pictured above are some photos taken at the riverside

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