Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mountains of Sanpoku 4

The route Brian had picked was fantastic as it wasn't too steep and the scenery was brilliant and the day had turned out very nice with patches of blue sky which is rare at this time of the year along the coast of the Japan sea. Our next stop was a natural fresh water spring which are often found on mountain roads and especially handy for a thirsty cyclist, after the spring we spotted a very old storage shed with large rocks holding the roof on, which is another technique from days gone by that is rarely seen now. We also paused for a while in an old village which had some fantastic old houses built in traditional style, then after a tunnel and a short but step climb we had reached the border of Niigata & Yamagata where we stopped on the summit for a bite to eat before the downhill into the valley below. The downhill was great fun but being as the road was wet and very narrow you had to take care on the sharp switchbacks before it flattened into another small village where we made a left turn to head towards the sea.

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