Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mountains of Sanpoku 5

The road that we took to head back towards the coast was one of the narrowest I have ever ridden on while out touring and it was easy to see why it's closed over the winter as it would be too dangerous to attempt to drive it covered in snow & ice. Most of the road was downhill towards the coast. Just as we entered the seaside town, the towns 12pm horn was blowing alerting everybody it was lunch time. And as we came to the intersection adjoining the main road we spotted a convenience store with indoor seating , the perfect place for a lunch break. Now quite a few convenience stores in Japan are providing indoor seating for customers. I had one of my favorite Japanese meals " Katsu curry " - fried pork cutlet with rice & Japanese style curry and after spending 30 mins or so over lunch we headed along the busy main road where we spotted " Awa shima " - Awa island one of the two islands off the coast of Niigata. We had thought about continuing on to the seaside town of Sanpoku before turning inland to get back to our starting point, but because of the heavy traffic we took the first turn we came to and headed inland which took us along one of the roads we had cycled that morning back to the car. We arrived back at the van at 1.45pm after having cycled 60 km.

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