Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mountains of Sanpoku 6

On the return drive back towards Niigata city we stopped off in the old castle town of Murukami, the town no longer has it's castle as only the ruins remain but there are many fantastic old merchant houses that are now doing very well because they are historic buildings still in use and it was at one of these such buildings that we stopped at in the center of town. The shop had an array of cheap fresh vegetables for sale outside plus indoors there was a raised wooden seating area with a traditional open fire on which to cook or boil tea and a restaurant serving local food, no doubt salmon was probably on the menu. After departing Murukami we returned to the main highway and stopped off at a recycling store where there were hundreds of bicycles, along with TVs , car tires and all sorts of other everyday junk. Amongst the bicycles we did spot a rather nice older traditional bike in good condition for it's age but we didn't bother inquiring how much it was, as the day was getting late and we needed to return home. I'm not sure if we'll get another chance to get out cycling this year as already it's getting rather cold with snow on the hills but if it's a mild winter there may be more cycling yet to come.

Cheers Don

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