Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mountains of Sanpoku

I had almost given up hope of getting another ride in before the winter had set in, but in the last few days the weather wasn't bad even though it was pretty cold so when I suggested to Brian that we take a ride on Sunday I had no idea if it would be fine or not and I didn't even have a route in mind. But on Sat night Brian rang to say it was going to be fine according the weather reports and before he told me of his idea , I had surges ted the same area which was north of Murukami city near the border of Niigata. So I dug out my winter woolies and packed my saddle bag ready for our 7am departure the next day. Upon rising early the weather looked pretty go and once Brian had arrived at my place we loaded my work van with the two bicycles and drove past Murukami to the village of Kitanaka a small village located off the main route north. After parking the van by the side of a rice field just out of town at 9am we headed uphill which was to be one of the steepest climbs of the day, it was hard work in low gear sucking in the cold mountain air but before long we had reached the summit and enjoyed a nice downhill through the first village of the day. The scenery was fantastic and we often stopped throughout the day to take photos as we had never ventured into this area before.

Pictured above is a map showing the route we took and the 1st two photos that were taken.

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