Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My father & his Humber sports

All the years I was growing up I watched my father ride his Humber bicycle to work everyday no matter what the weather was, if it was raining he put on his oilskin parka and headed off to his job at the Ford garage where he worked as a car mechanic from age 15 till he retired around 60. Even though I started collecting vintage bicycles in the early 1990s I never thought my fathers bike was very special. Back then my father rode it with the handlebars turned upside down which was very popular due to the fact that it gave the rider a more upright position and it was fitted with a sprung mattress type saddle ( maybe a Terry band from the UK ) plus it has a rear carrier fitted as well. The bike was also fitted with a heavy duty Lucas dynamo lighting set and a Lucas odometer. I also remember the bike having a vinyl pannier bag in which to carry a raincoat etc. But it was only when my father showed me the catalouge that came with the bike that I realised that it was a sports model and near the top of the Humber range back in 1947 which encouraged me to restore it to it's present condition. My father had the shop install the optional 3 speed sturmey archer drum brake model ABC & top tube quadrant shifter when it was first purchased. Just today I received the two attached photos of the Humber showing it's previous condition

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