Monday, 14 December 2009

Winters here

Well it looks like the last ride I did into the mountains of Sanpoku was the last ride of the year as it's now very cold and it seems to be raining most days, which has put a stop to any more touring as many of the mountains roads I like to explore will soon be covered in snow if not already. One of the roads that Brian & I cycled on in Sanpoku is already closed due to winter. So the Humber has been put to rest and over the winter I'll give it a service ready for next season. This year Brian & I were able to go further afield due to the fact that I now have a van which can easy fit both our bikes without having to take the front wheels off, this enables us to get out of the city and into some new areas that we haven't explored before as cycling out of the city is not so pleasant. One of my winter projects is the construction of a 52 inch replica ordinary for a Japanese Wheelman as over the years I have built 9 bicycles of this type before. If you are interested please check out the link highwheelinginjapan on this blog for further info on the bicycle I'm building.


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