Sunday, 31 January 2010

A day trip

Seeing as it's still rather cold for cycling my mate Brian & I went for a drive to follow a lead on an old Japanese rod brake roadster that was in a antique shop. The shop was located in the small fishing village of Terodomari which is up the coast from Niigata city. Upon arriving at the antique shop we spotted a lady's rod brake roadster but unfortunately the other bike had been sold two years previous. So after checking out some other local antique shops we headed back towards Niigata and stopped off in the mountain village of Yahiko which is famous for it's shrine and Kerin cycling track. Although there were no races in progress there were plenty of people inside the betting hall which is decked out with large TVs so people can follow the other races that are being held throughout Japan. Just as we arrived inside a race was about to start in Kyoto so we stayed to watch it. As usual it was a close fought battle between the two lead riders with a couple of the runners up bumping shoulders at high speed almost causing a crash. After viewing the race we made our way back into the city passing a few Lycra clad roadies out training and ended the day with a tobacco pipe and a coffee at a local cafe.

Pictured above is a view taken of the Japan sea and a photo of the Yahiko cycle track. The other photo showing Yahiko cycle track was taken from the net.

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