Saturday, 13 February 2010

Flickr Humber bicycle group

Hi Everyone

As it's cold and quite often snowing here on the sea of Japan & there won't be any cycling for a while I decided to make a Flickr Humber bicycle group. After searching through Flickr and seeing all the other related bicycle groups such as BSA, Classic lightweights, Raleigh etc and finding out that there wasn't a group devoted to Humber bicycles I decided to start one. The reason for starting this group is to show the range of Humber bicycles that were produced as Humber has been manufacturing bicycles since the early 1880s when the ordinary bicycle ( High wheel ) was the popular mount of the period. Also many people have restored various models from throughout the years from solid tire safeties through to the popular rod brake 28" roadsters and 3 speed 26" touring bikes etc. Now that there is a Humber group it will encourage people to restore their Humber bicycle after seeing the fantastic examples that people have submitted to the online photo collection. I have also scanned the entire 1947- 1948 Humber Export catalog that my father obtained when he purchased his bicycle and added that to the group as well. Hopefully if others have copies of Humber catalogs from the different years it will then help people identify what model bicycle they have and the correct specifications needed to fully restore it etc.

Pictured above is a screen shot from the Humber group on Flickr and if you have any photos, catalog scans or advertising related to Humber bicycles please feel free to add them to the group