Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A brew up

Finally I got the chance to test out my Optimus 8R vintage gas stove today as my cycling mate Brian also recently purchased a similar model and seeing as it was fine this afternoon he suggested we head to a local park to test out our stoves and brew up some coffee. If we were having a brew up race I guess I would have won, but I did have an unfair advantage as I had total stripped & restored my stove where Brian has only just received his and has not had time to clean it as yet. Both the stoves worked quite well and they didn't take long to boil up enough water for our coffee. We are planning on taking these stoves on our cycling trips this year for coffee & cooking lunch etc. So now we know at least they work and they won't let us down while out cycling. Both these stoves run on white gasoline which can be purchased at most decent outdoor stores everywhere.

Pictured above are the two Optimus 8R stoves in action

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