Sunday, 30 May 2010

Along the Rin Rin road part 5

Further along the cycle path we spotted a rest area across the road where we could refill our water bottles and after a short break he headed back towards the spot where I had parked my van. Near the end of the cycle path we stopped to watch a group of local " Gateball " players in action enjoying the fine weather. Gateball is the game of choice for a lot of retired Japanese and almost everywhere you go in Japan you will see Gateball courts. Most of the Gateball action takes place early in the morning but sometimes you see it being played in the middle of the day. As far as I know the game is very similar to Croquet. Even though our ride was only about 30km it was a fantastic day to be out on a bike, lets hope this nice weather sticks around so I can get out for some more rides before rainy season in July.

Pictured above is the rest area, map of the cycle path and the rider side gate ballers in action

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