Sunday, 30 May 2010

Along the Rin Rin Road

Today I managed to get out for a short spin along the Rin Rin road, a short cycle path alongside a local river of around 18km. My cycling companion Brian had been out cycling already with a group of riders from a local Triathlon club who were out to complete a century ride so Brian joined them for a 70km return trip instead and met up with me at 9am. After loading Brian's bike into the van we drove out of the city towards Niitsu a small local city where the cycle path called the Rin Rin road starts. After parking the van in a shady spot under a bridge we headed along the path into Niitsu itself. Brian's eldest boy was playing baseball against a local Junior high school so we stop by the baseball ground to check it out. To be honest as a New Zealander I know nothing at all about baseball but Brian explained what was going on and we watched for a short time before heading to a 7/11 store to buy some supplies for lunch.

Pictured above is a photo of me at the baseball ground and a few of the baseball players

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