Sunday, 9 May 2010

First ride of the year - Kamitokura to Otani Dam - 76.4km return

Well finally I had a day off and the weather was nice so after a hearty breakfast I loaded the Humber into my work van and headed for the hills. I don't really like cycling out of the city as with all the cars it's not so pleasant and now that I have a van I can quickly get into some nice countryside for touring. The other day my cycling mate Brian suggested the ride I did today and as I had never been in that direction before I thought I would check it out. Even though I made a miscalculation re the starting point, I actually started further away that I had originally planned but it didn't really matter as I have never cycled through those parts before. I ended up starting from the small mountain village of Kamitokura and found a car park at the local community center which is now closed and from there I started my ride. Not long after I headed out of the village the road turned into a single lane and wound it's way uphill through a beautiful valley. Along the way all the rice farmers we busy planting rice or preparing their rice fields for planting.

The photos above are the 1st set of photos I took along route 226 and a map showing the location of todays ride

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