Sunday, 9 May 2010

Kamitokura to Otani Dam part 2

After winding my way through the hills I then came to the junction of route 290 and from there headed up & over two decent sets of hills before I reached the next valley. Today's climbs really tested me out as I hadn't done any serious riding since last season. On the way I managed to ride all the hills which is a big challenge on a heavy British 3 speed even with a pass storming gear. Because it was such a nice day there were a lot of road cyclists out training in the hills as next weekend the now famous " Sado Long Ride " is being held so I guess some of those riders were in training for next weekend. One lycra clad roadie passed me on a steep hill climb and I could see from the look in his eye he was jealous of my classic Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearing and my fully loaded Carradice saddlebag that contained my Optimus 8R gas stove. If he really wanted to do well in events such as the Sado Long Ride he should be riding a heavy British 3 speed daily and then switch to his lightweight racing bike for events as I'm sure he would become much stronger pedaling a solid touring bike through the mountains than the lightweight carbon thing he was on.

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